Fullbore Fitness Sports Towels


We spent countless hours researching and testing materials to find the perfect towel that will stand up to the grueling workouts you put yourself and your equipment through. The result of that research is the Fullbore Fitness Sports & Exercise towel.

You push yourself hard, so why would you settle for sub-par equipment? The custom microfiber blend of the Fullbore Fitness towel is super absorbent, and the large 26″ x 40″ size is designed to soak up as much sweat as you can give it. Even when soaked to the max, the towel will dry quickly and keep you cool during your workouts, and will remain light weight as moisture quickly evaporates.

The towel is also designed to NOT hold odors. It is very durable and will withstand hundred of washes.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch that dollar store microfiber you dry your car with, and step up to a true sports and fitness towel! Choose from the colors above, sold on