AppleChipsJust in time for the harvest season, we bring you this baked apple chips recipe! These easy to make delicious treats can satisfy even the most persistent sweet tooth. They are cheap, simple to make, and best of all… healthy! Here is how to make them.

First of all, start out with apples you like to eat off the shelf. Make sure you try one from the batch before you start slicing away. You don’t want to find out your apples are bitter after you have sliced them all up!

How many apples is up to you. If you want a bag of apple chips, make sure you have enough apples to fill it! Once you have the desired amount of apples, slice them as thin, somewhere around 1/8″ is good. Hint: if you have an apple corer use it before slicing!

After you slice them, you have a few options. Some people place them in the oven as is. Others like to sprinkle cinnamon on them before the oven. These are the simplest recipes. If you want to get a little more involved, you can make a “marinade” to soak them in before putting them in the oven.

Hint: applying fresh lemon juice to the raw apple slices will ensure they keep their “fresh” color throughout the baking process ūüôā

One option is to boil sugar water until it has a thicker consistency. Soak the apples in the sugar syrup if you like a sweeter treat. Another option (and one of my favorites) is to spread honey over the apples before baking.

Once you have the apple chips prepped, it is time to bake them! Place the apple slices on a baking sheet or dehydrating tray. Since you are basically dehydrating the apple slices, you want a low temperature for an extended period of time. A thin slice will not take as long as a thicker slice. Set your oven to 200 degrees (Fahrenheit). Minimum time in the oven should be around one hour. If you like them a little more crispy, leave them in as long as you need to get the desired crispiness.

Last step, ENJOY!!!